“Jed Morey is certainly not afraid to challenge the powerful—among those who come in for criticism in these pages are both political parties, major Wall Street institutions, the vast majority of the news media, and recent presidents both Democratic and Republican.”

– Evan Cornog, Ph.D. Dean, The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication, Hofstra University (From the Foreword)

“The Great American Disconnect is a rigorous examination of the state of American society and government by one of the few honorable journalists left in the United States. Morey’s respect for his readers, the facts, history, and ultimately his profession is palpable. He provides more insight and understanding in one book than we got in the last decade of 24-hour nonstop corporate news.”

– Alexa O’Brien, Journalist

“This book is an important, mind-growing read. The US and much of the world is in the middle of a drop-down drag-out ugly bloody war, and most of us are too dumb, medicated, or blissfully uneducated to realize it. We’re in a pathetic diabetic coma, drunk on soma. We’ve anesthetized ourselves with shiny shit and zombified ourselves with televised social rejects. Jed Morey’s writing is the antidote. He has put together a work that bursts with information and overflows with passion. Read every word. Then grab a picket sign and a shovel because we have work to do.”

– Lee Camp, Comedian and Activist. Host of Moment of Clarity